Rest in Motion

I’ve been going slightly insane this week, trying to get Jack on some semblance of a daily schedule before I start back to classes next week. We tried the Ferber method for basically a day, and nobody was happy. Then my friend Becky suggested car rides to get him to sleep. So now I’m taking long drives around the county twice a day to let the man take naps.

I was the same way, as a baby, according to my parents. Boat, plane, car, truck, whatever: just get me moving, and I’d zonk out. So now, my son is teaching me to rest in motion. It’s not easy. Driving kills my shoulders. But he also sacks out when we take him for walks, which I could use a few more of in my life. (I’ve lost most of the “baby weight” but now have about 30 or 40 more to lose, to get back to “normal.”)

I used to think I couldn’t get anything done with him. Now I’m learning to take him along with me. It’s harder and more complicated. I keep forgetting the diaper bag. And carrying his car seat is not doing my elbows any favors. But I’ve taken along the Ergo carrier and stroller, and it probably wouldn’t hurt me to do a little weight lifting. He’s still only about 16 or 17 pounds. (Of course, as I write this, Brian is entertaining him downstairs, but Jack will go with me to buy my running shoes later.) We have a jogging stroller. And I want to get one of those baby seats for the back of my bike.

In her book The Artist’s Way, creativity guru Julia Cameron encourages people to write what she calls “morning pages” every day. She says that this daily ritual helps us to “rest in motion.” I started doing morning pages ten years ago, and I’m still at it – though I’ve adjusted my schedule to write at night, after the boo is asleep.

And speaking of sleep, guess what I’m doing more of, these days! I used to have this elaborate and rather rigid bedtime routine, including blow-drying every hair on my head. Seriously, if I missed a spot, I’d go back and blow it dry until it was all warm. Now, when Brian comes to bed, he sees me sacked out with the towel still on my wet head, my arms flung out on both sides, to rest my aching elbows from the carrying of the day.

So maybe staying in motion is the only way for me to rest, right now. Here we go.


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  1. It’s awesome that he’s getting some naps in. Talin and I did the driving thing for like 2 or 3 days, then we started transitioning him to the crib. It seemed easier after he was already in the habit of sleeping. We just started daycare though and it’s been so great. He loves it. When I come get him in the afternoon he’s napped less and played more. He smiles when I pick him up, but he’s still sort of looking at all of the toys and other babies like, “Yeah, Mom. You’re great…but these guys are really fun.” lol. But I’m grateful because he’s sleeping a little better at night now. Thankfully. But I’m still sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop because every time I get comfortable…something new happens, ha.

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